Nothing Social About The Recent Layoffs In The Tech World

When it rains, it pours in the Tech World.  We hate to have to report such negative news to our readers, whom many of which are directly involved in these terrible times, but it is important to show the trend that is happening.

These last couple of weeks have been filled with buckets of laid off tech guys.  Some VC’s predicted trouble in Web 2 land, and companies scatter to try to stay around.  As I mentioned on Rev2 a week or so ago, Ebay cut 10% of their workforce. This week Pandora announced that they laid off 20 employees yesterday.  This brings them down to 120 employees from 140.

Other notable companies to trim the fat were: Hi5, which cut somewhere between 10-15 employees.  Zivity released 8 of their 22.  Zillow just laid off 25% of their staff.  AdBrite cut off 40% of their staff, letting go of 40 of their 100.  Seesmic cut 7 jobs.  Heavy lays off 12.  SearcMe lays off to the tune of 20%
There are even ramblings that Yahoo is planning to lay off 3,500 jobs, yes 3,500 jobs.

These are just some of the layoffs. There were several other companies that saw their workforce diminish.  Each of these companies had its own rationale for the belt tightening, but had they hired appropriately from the beginning, they would have not found themselves hiring for positions they could obviously function without.  Most of the same VC’s who have made the recent negative remarks, have also been the ones who encouraged the quick growth.  Interesting to see where the chips will land.

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