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notableJust launching on September 23, Notable ( is the first release from ZURB, Inc.  This interactive design and consulting company, based in Campbell, California, released Notable to the public through the app’s website as well as a new iPhone app to go with it.

Notable is basically a screen capture app with a white board attached.  With it, you can grab a visual of any page from your site and then upload and comment on it through the Notable app.  Other members of your team can then make changes, their own comments, etc.

For developers, designers, and their clients, this could be the easiest way to go through the site design process.  For existing sites, it could be the best way to gain select customer feedback or better facilitate the constant tweaking that good sites go through as they aim to be the best.

Notable only allows the feedback and notes on captures to be shared with those you authorize.  Accounts can be set up by anyone you wish to authorize, though, so the ability to select site visitors and gain their valuable feedback is there.  Or the focus could be kept narrow to get the site’s owner on board with the development team.

In either case, the system works the same.  The iPhone app makes it particularly useful for those on the go and in today’s Web 2.0 atmosphere.

I won’t explain how valuable a tool like this could be as anyone who is in the design/development business will no doubt see that right off, on their own.  Personal accounts are free and allow up to 3 users and 3 gigs of storage.  A private work space, the iPhone app, and unlimited sets (captures, limited only by storage) are included with this account.  Freelancers can get more access for $24/month and plans go up to $119/month depending on your usage and needs.

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