Northland lacks online presence

Northland lacks online presence

Northland businesses are underperforming in social media and lagging behind other regions in online activity, according to a report on the region’s digital maturity.

The survey of about 750 Northland businesses showed that, compared to the national average of 45% digital maturity, Northland lagged behind at 39%. Of those surveyed in the region, 80% had a website (85% nationally) but only 37% (42% nationally) used a website to sell products or services.

Only 53% (59% nationally) of businesses had a mobile-friendly website and just 50% (52% nationally) had businesses that were integrated with social media. Meanwhile, just 25% said they found value in using social media. A total of 39% of the 750 businesses advertised online (41% nationally), while just 35% (37% nationally) advertised on Facebook. A whopping 72% of businesses (71% nationally) used social media to engage with customers but only 25% (22% nationally) felt it was of great value to the business.

There was also a low uptake of cloud computing, with just 29% (43% nationally) using software for storage and backup, 38% (46% nationally) for finance and accounting, 16% (16% nationally) using instant messenger and just 25% (34% nationally) having the ability to operate anyway, anytime in the case of a disaster.

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