Noonhat Meet Someone New For Lunch

At first, I thought that this idea of Noonhat had to be the worst thing I’d seen all week. Doesn’t sound bad, I know, but I also saw a “news” post about an electric car made from bamboo, so there’s some context to that statement.

Anyway, I saw this site and thought “what kind of lame…” and then I’d had a second to think about it.

This is actually a really good idea. The premise is pretty simple: most of us never leave our usual social networks of friends, family, and co-workers. Many of us tend to get into a rut, talking to the same people about the same things, over and over. Think about that. If you’re into football or technology or dogs, so are most of your friends. Right?

Well, why not mix it up a little and find another daring soul out there who’s willing to meet you for lunch with no one knowing anything about the other person beforehand ?

So the idea is simple: matches two or three people together based on location and sets them up to communicate for a lunch date. It’s totally random, so no special matching is done other than location. This means that while the person you are matched with for lunch will be in the same area you are, you won’t know if they’re male or female, tall or thin, or whatever. That’s the beauty of it.

Matches of at least three or more are attempted as often as possible (and you’re encouraged to bring a friend) in order to minimize “weirdo’s” and those who hope to turn it into a dating service.

Of course, only the daring need apply. Many people will like the idea, but never use it because it’s too “iffy.” They like control. Obviously, though, you aren’t one of those people. Right?

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