Nomaine – Find Themed Domain Names Easily

nomaine-comThemed domains are probably the crux of the domain name world.  If you’re domain is “” it’s not likely your website is about kittens and baking muffins.  If it is, I would say your theme is a little off.  In that case, is probably for you.

The site tries to create domain names based on themes so that you can find something that matches what you are after.  For the most part, it works well as a general idea maker, but after using it a few times, I can’t say it’s going to work for everyone or even most people.

Here’s how it works so you can decide.

When you first load Nomaine, you’re presented with a simple screen with a language selection, TLD preference (com, net, org, etc.) and four other fields.  These four fields are where the action is.  The first and second boxes are the minimum and maximum syllables allowed in your domain.  So selecting 2 and 3 will mean you will be creating domain name options that are two or three syllables long (“social” or “social-comm”, but not “soc-ial-comm-erce”).

Next comes your preferred prefix and suffixes for the app to search on.  These will appear as part of the domain, so keep them simple.  “social” “comm” were my first try.

This came up with matches like “” and “”  Not sure I would say that’s successful.  Every response was well outside of the 2/3 min/max settings as well.  Experimenting, I realized that the min/max settings are for what Nomaine adds to your pre and suffix, not for the entire domain.  That puts a new spin on how it works.

At any rate, after doing a lot of experimenting, I found that the site does give some idea-jog suggestions during your searches, but for the most part, the responses aren’t much better than what you get from any normal domain registrar with their “suggested” lists when you search domain availability.  It does give you a little more control over the process, though.

Worth a try, since it’s free, but don’t expect any grand revelations upon using it.

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