Night Vision – iPhone Photography in the Dark

Night Vision is an app for the iPhone that enhances photography through the phone’s camera in low-light conditions.  It’s not true night vision (seeing in the dark) like you see in military photography, since that requires special equipment the iPhone just doesn’t have, but it’s the next best thing.

Night Vision works in one of four modes, the most useful probably being the last on the list.  It works about as well as you can expect, though not in real-time.  You take the photo first, then choose the night vision enhancement you’d like to apply.  After a few seconds of rendering, the new photo is displayed.

In Night Vision Mode, for instance, it will come out in what’s now considered “night vision green” with the lighter (“brighter”) portions of the photo enhanced.  The algorithm the developer used to make this work is pretty good and the photo comes out pretty well.

In Heat Mode, the app mimics a heat-sensitive infrared camera and churns out an enhanced photo in various shades of red and yellow.  It’s a cool look, but probalby not the kind of thing you’d use every day.

In Predator Mode, it does just what it says: it enhances the photo to look like the color-hued optics in the film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse “the Body” Ventura, Predator.  This can look cool if your subject matter is enhanced by this kind of color rainbow effect.  Hint: try a mirror.

Finally, in Grey Scale Mode, the enhancement is added and merely brightens up the parts that need brightening.  The result is a gray-scaled black and white photograph.  This mode is probably the most useful of the four, doing well to enhance nearly everything in low-light conditions.  Plus, as we all know, black and white photography is artistic.

Overall, the Night Vision app is pretty good and is probably about as good as this kind of thing can get on an iPhone without a flash or true night vision apparatus.  The app is available in the iTunes App Store.

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