Netanyahu Obviously Loves Obama

Just came across an amusing piece in the New York Times. We all know that many sites we find on the web aren’t 100% original. Heck, many of them are straight out clones of other site.

Normally the majority of web surfers will not pick up on these “flattery” based sites. When you are copying a political site however, it is likely that it won’t go un-noticed. This is a prime example of what not to do when making a website. Here you can see how identical Benjamin Netanyahu’s made his site to Barack Obama’s. Keep in mind Hebrew is read right to left, and not left to right.

Oddly enough, if Netanyahu is trying to run on the “I am the Obama of Israel” stance, he might want to rethink some of his policies.

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  1. This is pretty sad if you look at it one way but smart at the same time!!

    Its was a winning campaign, so if you are on limited resources and you need the boost than you might as well take what you can get without having teams of people doing it. Why pay to recreate the wheel- although I guess a little paint to change the colors might not have hurt.

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    Thanks for the interesting post, I liked reading it!

  3. Thanks for the interesting post, I liked reading it!


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