Neatcall – Making Your Mobile a Business Communications Device

Using your cell phone as a contact book, communications device, and more is what it’s built for, but using it for business needs such as conferencing, on-the-spot meetings, and so forth is not so easy.  A new offering from tech incubator Targetech Innovation Center (TIC) in Israel wants to change that. is a service that combines all of the needs of users who want to turn their mobile phone into a real business communications device.  The goal is to reduce telephone “tags” (calling back and forth, playing phone tag) and more easily enable mobile phones to communicate across networks and devices.

It began as a simple voting system app that works via phone and has expanded to become a meeting scheduler, enabler, and more with conferencing, fast vote-taking for quick decisions, and mass SMS hub for sending text messages to multiple people (even via email) in the same way that email lists do.

It’s greatest asset is its ability to quickly build meeting attendance RSVPs through its voting platform.  So the meeting planner or initiator, rather than playing phone tag with several people to organize a meeting, can merely create a “poll” to send out to several people at once.  Those people then respond via the system, rather than through voice mails or emails, and a list of participants is automatically compiled.

Neatcall has been added to the company’s lineup of “neat” services including the aforementioned invite/scheduling system, conference calls through NeatVoice, on-the-fly chatrooms via SMS using NeatText, and online meetings on the Web through NeatWeb and NeatVideo.

Definitely a suite of apps worth looking at if your office and employees are flung around the globe.  Most of the Neat apps are free to try and operate on a sort of freemium SaaS model with expanded services such as unlimited minutes for conferencing, texting, and so forth coming at a price.  Most are around $29-$100/year.

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  1. neat service !

  2. Neat way to meet…!

  3. Neatcall becomes a very popular solution for our business. It does make my by business communications much better


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