MyCloset – Find Out What Your Favorite Fashionista is Wearing

mycloset.pngThe world is fashion is an interesting one when you look at it from outside as I do.  I admit that a t-shirt and jeans free of pizza stains is “dressing up” in my world of fashion.  This is not, however, the prevailing opinion of everyone.  Some people put a lot of thought and time into their wardrobes. is for those people.  If you’re into the latest trends, styles, and what the best-dressed celebrities wear, then this is the site for you.  It’s an all-in-one social network, gossiping, and shopping site for the fashion world.

The site caters to both the fashion conscious and the designers who supply them.  The site seems to revolve around a hub of celebrities in fashion and design with fashionistas (and “os”) hovering around them to give commentary and grab their latest looks.

Integrating with online stores, fashion designer blogs and showcases, and celebrities in, around, and wearing the latest styles, MyCloset is most focused on showing off the latest and then showing you how to buy them.

The social networking is another interesting thing to see.  Especially if most of what these people are talking about is Greek, like it is to me.  It’s amazing how many people are willing to (literally) open their closets and show off what they like, dislike, haven’t thrown out yet, and keep as memorabilia.

Everything from the retro-70s mavens who scour the local thrift stores to grab up the latest bell bottomsin_my_closet.png to the leopard-print “it’s stylish this week, then I’ll toss it” dilettantes who spend most of their time shopping for new clothes.  All of them have their closets open and show off their favorites and latest.  It’s an amazing world of people, for sure.

This is a niche that seems to really be flourishing online right now.  I’ve seen at least half a dozen fashion-centered startups in the past week or so.  Most of them are aiming for something similar to what MyCloset is doing, but it seems to me that this site is doing it best (so far).  It also seems to be the most populated.

MyCloset is based in Seattle and publicly launched in October.

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