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My AspirantSometimes a new site will come along with such a good idea that you wonder why no one thought of it earlier.  MyAspirant is such a site, and it provides all kinds of people and workers a chance to hire an assistant for any number of different reasons.

The site enables you to hire whatever type of assistant you need.  The service can be used to find researchers, people to maintain your website and a PA to help you manage the contents of your inbox.  In addition to this you can even find people who will help you find workers to take on jobs in your home.

With the large number of people currently seeking online, freelance work at the moment, MyAspirant looks to be of particular use in this field.  There are two broad pricing plans and they are set out according to hours worked and tasks completed.  You can also sign up to receive a free trial for seven days.  This should be long enough to gauge whether the service will be good for you or not.

The main benefit of MyAspirant is that it enables you to find a personal assistant for all manner of different jobs.  You may be tempted to think that all the jobs are for online tasks, but as you can see from the large list on the home page of the site, this is not the case.  Time will tell just how popular MyAspirant will become.

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  1. is really MyAspirant is such a site?

    • MyAspirant

      Just give it a shot using free trial and I bet, you will feel what is said above.


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