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My Voucher CodesThere are plenty of voucher sites currently available on the web, and My Voucher Codes is another one on the long list we’ve just come across.

Many well known brand name retailers have offered coupons and codes through the site, and it is easy to search for the latest deals and offers before you buy anything online.  They offer a free newsletter by email which contains all the latest and best deals and offers on the site.  This provides you with a way to check the latest deals as well as providing a prompt to visit the website more frequently.

The best way to make the most of the site is to visit it prior to buying anything online.  You can easily find specific retailers to do business with; just look for the latest voucher codes for that store.  Alternatively you can search for a keyword that will bring up a number of retailers – such as jewellery for example.  Checking the latest deals often results in you saving money that you would otherwise have spent.

The site also provides printable vouchers and has a specific section for the vouchers that are about to expire.  You can also go directly to the range of new vouchers and offers that have just been released, giving you the opportunity to see what else is available.

My Voucher Codes is well laid out, easy to explore and very easy to use as well.  Put simply, it could save you pounds on your shopping.

With vouchers becoming increasingly more popular, more and more of these sites appear to continually crop up internationally. We’re more interested in the Social Commerce related voucher sites, so as soon as more emerge (and believe us they will) we’ll report on it straight away.

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