Ms. Kong 3-D Endless Runner Coming Soon

Remember Donkey Kong? How about Donkey Kong 3D? Well, now there’s Ms. Kong and she’s being rendered in lavish three dimensions on your smart phone or tablet. This endless runner game is much like the new series of DK games, wherein the hero runs through levels non-stop, grabbing powerups and bonus points along the way. This time, the hero is Ms. and the levels are jungles and other assorted locales.

Your job is to pilot Ms. Kong through the obstacles and past the baddies while collecting points, powerups, and other goodies.

While the game itself is very simple, it’s addicting and fast-paced. You’ll find yourself wildly tilting your device, moving your body around to mimic the on-screen action (or react to it), and letting out whoops of joy when the right powerup comes in play.

Don’t play this on the train. You’ll get strange looks.

The chance to play the pre-release of this upcoming game from Headup Games has been awesome. The graphics are very good on both iPad and iPhone (an Android version is also going to be offered) and the action is fast and addictive.

Headup Games is not new to action gaming. They’re known for Another World (formerly Other World), Games of the Dead, and the award-winning Farm For Your Life. This is their first Kong license, however, and it’s a doozy.

A release date has not been announced, but it will be very soon in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. In the mean time, watch the trailer below.

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