MoveIdiot – Marketing 101 #FAIL

Here’s an extremely important rule of marketing that is so obvious that it’s usually not spelled out in marketing classes or books: do not insult your customer.  After seeing this startup, it seemed important to explain this and show other startups who’re getting into business online the importance of marketing from the very beginning of your endeavor.

Remember: do not insult your potential customers.  Unless you are running a business that actually insults people as its core business plan (aka Monty’s Python’s Argument Clinic).  That would be the only exception.

Insulting your customers is a great way to get them to not buy from you. is a great example of how to insult your customers so they won’t buy from you.  The name implies that anyone who needs to use the site is, well, an idiot.  It could also imply that the site’s owners (or the “brains” behind the outfit) are idiots.  Depending on your perspective.  Either way, it spells bad marketing.

The site is functional, it probably works great, and is probably an extremely useful (free) app.  I wouldn’t know.  I refuse to use it because I’m not an idiot and I do not use tools made by idiots.  So MoveIdiot is not for me.

MoveIdiot is made by Advanced Technologies Group, a company that really should know better than to use this kind of belly-flop marketing.  After all, they’re behind other apps like PromotionStat for e-commerce.

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