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morelistedThere are a lot of people who build a website, get it through the first few levels and make it into something, but don’t know how or have the time and inclination to take it beyond that point. There are also people who’ve worked on a site for years and are ready to go on to something else. is about helping the people who’re looking to buy established websites. Because, on the other side of that market (from the sellers) are the buyers. There are a lot of entrepreneurs who’d prefer to get into a website that’s already established rather than build one from scratch.

These are just the most obvious reasons people buy and sell established websites. There are others, of course, but the idea is that the sites are for sale.

The question for buyers and sellers has always been: “Where do I go?”

Websites are similar to real estate in many ways, though for most site owners they are often as much a labor of love that they’ve mostly built themselves as they are a piece of property. One of the things that MoreListed offers is to help give objectivity to the site for sale so the owner doesn’t think a thousand dollar piece of property is worth a million and then never sell it.

MoreListed gets screen shots of the site for sale from SitePoint and DigitalPoint and then shows the site’s ranking (and thus value) through Google Page Rank algorithms (Serps / Placing). The site’s URL and Pagerank are given just underneath the thumbnail of the site.


MoreListed has a continuously-updated front page (updates every 15 minutes) with the latest 21 sites to be listed for sale. At the right is a simple search filter that you can use to filter sites by keyword, Google results, or just by keyword/phrase.

At this point you’ll notice two things that are conspicuously missing from the site: any mention of how to list your own site for sale and any “about MoreListed” information other than the simple one paragraph blurb at the top-right.

That’s because MoreListed is just an aggregator, really, and provides refined searches for available properties as well as the most current listings it’s found. Most of the sites listed for sale are listed as such by either meta tag, on another site, or a broker.

So if you’re looking to sell your site, MoreListed isn’t really where you need to go. If you’re looking for sites to buy, however, MoreListed is a great tool for narrowing down the prospects.

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