MonkeyOh is a cool way to simplify phone charging

MonkeyOh is a cool way to simplify phone charging

There are literally hundreds of products to help you charge your phone or connect it to your computer. There are docking stations, “clip” holders, and even questionable aftermarket “chargers” with retractable cords or other devices that may or may not actually work with your phone.

MonkeyOh is a really cool idea. Instead of being a charger for your phone, it’s simply a phone and cord holder that integrates with your current charger and keeps the cord wrapped and tucked safely so that you expose only as much as is required to plug your phone in. It also doubles as a phone holder and lets you mount your phone to a wall socket safely, keeping the phone and cord off counter tops and desks. Or it can be used as a phone holder on your desk or counter in either portrait or landscape mode.

This is one cool little device.

Here’s how it works with an iPhone, as an example. First, you slip your wall charger into the back of the monkey’s “head” and run the cord from that to the back and around the “head” case in a wrap. A couple of inches of cord left are enough to plug into the bottom of the phone when it’s cradled in the monkey’s arms while sitting on his feet. Then just plug it into the outlet and let your phone stand there and charge, up off the counter, shelf, desk, etc. so it doesn’t get spilled on or broken.

What’s great is that the MonkeyOh works with a variety of devices, not just iPhones or iPods, and is easy to use. You’ll find it at Felix Products or on your favorite online purchase outlet.

Disclaimer: I received this product for review, free of charge, but was given no other incentive to review it here.

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