Moms Using Social Media Websites to Help Them Buy Products Online

Most people are now aware of the power of social media. In recent years we have seen social media sites grow to become an essential part of online shopping as well. This has become particularly prevalent when it comes to moms who are looking to buy items for their children.

A recent survey by the NPD Group has shown that nearly 80% of moms in America are using social media sites of one kind or another. Twitter and Facebook are particularly popular but others have also been mentioned in the survey.

Out of this group of women, 25% of them have stated that they have made purchases as a direct result of having read about an item on a social media site of some kind. Quite often this can be via another mom who has given her opinion on a certain item. If a mother gets the thumbs up on a product via a social media site she may well make the decision to buy it online as a consequence of that interaction.

This just goes to show how powerful online promotion and social media sites can be in the modern world. This only focuses on one specific group of people as well; there is every chance that other people are also using social media sites to receive recommendations and alerts about products and services they may not have thought about buying otherwise. It is becoming increasinly clear that social media websites are very powerful in this respect.

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