Mock Flow – Wireframes Without the Fuss

Designers who work on teams are definitely familiar with wireframe mockups.  It can take as much effort to build a wireframe as the actual site requires later.  Collaborating with them only ads to this. is a wireframe mockup app and collaboration tool that simplifies this process and makes life easier for everyone involved.  It’s a hosted app with enough power and usefulness to likely find a home with any virtual office of designers and developers whose physical locations are geographically distributed.

MockFlow does what most good wire frame apps do: it quickly and easily allows for objects to be placed and linked logically to lay out the backbone of the design.  MockFlow has more than seventy pieces of components that are easily drag-and-dropped into place for common Web elements (data input fields, banners, etc.).

In fact, using MockFlow, a relatively simple website with five pages and a few plug-ins/widgets can be mocked in just a few minutes.  You can then customize the mockup using your own uploaded images, custom components, and so forth.  You can also open the wire frame up for collaboration so that you and your team can work out details and ad or subtract components to the project. Once you’re done with your mockup, you can export the wire frame as a graphic image or PDF.

Simple, quick, and nicely done, MockFlow is definitely worth trying.  The free version doesn’t allow live chat and exports have a MockFlow watermark, but the premium version is only $49/year, so any serious design team would definitely be well-served spending that if they find this useful.

MockFlow was created by Produle Systems, which made its name building JukeBuilder and iPixer.

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