Mobincube – Build an App to Help Promote Your Business

Most people would not be able to build an app from scratch by themselves.  Yet there are plenty of positive reasons why you would want an app to help enhance your website offering as a small business.  For example you can give away an app to help promote your website and offer more useful services.

A new website called Mobincube aims to take the hard work out of creating a brand new app.  It offers a step by step process that is easy for everyone to understand.  There is no need to know any technical information or have any prior knowledge of how to create an app.  When an app has been created it can be made available in various app stores for the Apple, Blackberry, Android and Nokia handsets.

A new app can be made using four stages – splashes, content, design and languages.  Each stage has various options you can work through to create the kind of app you want.  There are two pricing models, Mobincube App and Mobincube Plus.  This is not a cheap way of creating an app but it is by far the easiest for someone looking to offer an app related to their business without needing to learn the stages of creating it from scratch.

It can be used for all kinds of purposes and businesses, including restaurants, tourism, marketing and much more.  It remains to be seen whether the price is manageable for small businesses, but Mobincube certainly has potential.

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  1. I’d like to add the link to Mobincube:
    By the way, the price has changed. Now it’s cheaper than before.



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