Mobile Phone technology advantages and disadvantages

Mobile Phone technology advantages and disadvantages

Mobile phones have changed our lifestyle in the present times. They have altered the way of communication and now we cannot think of life without them. So much has been the change that children of the 21st century are surprised at the older version of phones. Even the landline phones, which are still in use, seem to be something out dated! Cell phone technology has brought in an altogether new era in the telecommunication. However, everything has two sides – advantages and disadvantages, and mobile phone technology is no exception. There have been Mobile Phone technology advantages and disadvantages as well.

Following are Mobile Phone technology advantages and disadvantages:

Mobile Phone technology advantages

Mobile phone technology has turned the world into global village. Now, we can talk to our friends and relatives at any corner of the world without any problem. Some of the Mobile Phone technology advantages include instant audio and video communication as well as text messaging in real time.

Cell phone has helped multiply businesses. It has speeded up business deal, transactions and other related processes in a way never before. Businesses can communicate with each other instantly and deals can be sealed fast. Business has improved to a great extent because of technology.

People can interact with each other more and create better relations.

Some of the other Mobile Phone technology advantages include creation of jobs on a large scale. This invention has created thousands of jobs which have helped reduce unemployment across the world.

Mobile Phone technology disadvantages

One of the biggest Mobile Phone technology disadvantages includes its adverse effect on natural and direct form of human communication. It has made conversation indirect and formal. People remain engaged with their mobile phones even when they are in groups.

Another big Mobile Phone technology disadvantages is that it has affected human attention. People are so absorbed in their phones that they are unable to take notice of the situation around. This has resulted in a number of accidents while driving or walking.

Mobile phones are used for many types of crimes. They have made crime sophisticated and easy.

Another very important Mobile Phone technology disadvantage of cell phone is the effect of radiation. It results in a number of serious illnesses as a result of overuse.

Gaming addiction is another disadvantage in which people waste a lot of their time.

Therefore, there are a number of Mobile Phone technology advantages and disadvantages. Technology is good or bad depending upon its use. It is important that we use cell phones wisely. This way, there will be more advantages and less disadvantages.

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