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mindopia-logoThere is no end to the number of opinions people will give you when it comes to what career you should pursue. If you’re just getting out of college or are thinking of changing your career path, you’ve no doubt received “advice” from dozens of people about what you should do and how you should do it. Well, Mindopia is kind of like those random advice-givers. Except it’s informed.

Mindopia is basically a Web portal that’s all about jobs. Unlike sites like Monster or Jobbing, though, it’s not about finding a job so much as it is about figuring out what job to look for. The logic is obvious: before you start looking for a job, you’d better know what kind of job you’re looking for. Right? Otherwise, you’ll end up with a Master’s degree at McCrappy’s.

The site has a list of categories like “Videos” and “Tips” which are all aimed at giving you advice for generally finding your career path. There is average salary information for most career types so you can get an idea of what you’re going to be looking at for income too. These are good general tools to get you started looking at career choices. You’ll likely begin narrowing your plans down based on what you’ve seen there.

Then comes the search tool. Once you have an idea what kind of career path you’re interested in (even if it’s more than one or two), you can start searching for available schools (both online and in your area) as well as looking at what kinds of openings and availability there is for the job once you’re ready to start work.

Plenty of other sites offer some or all of these services, of course, but most of them package these as afterthoughts to their main focus, which is getting a job. If you’re not quite at that point yet and are instead thinking about a career, then you’ll probably find Mindopia at least useful.

No website of this kind is a one-stop-shop, no matter what they say, so no one can advise you to use any one site exclusively for your search. Mindopia is free and makes a good start, though, so it should definitely be on your list of places to go.

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  1. Choosing the right career path for yourself is too think well or think about the t hings wherein you can be happy based on your skills

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