MilestonePlanner: Simple Project Management

milestoneplanner-screenshotI’ll say it for you: yep, yet another time management site app. This one’s focused mainly on collaborative endeavors in which most of the milestones or tasks are assigned to individuals or small groups. In that, it sets itself apart mainly with it’s tight focus on milestones in the work stream.

Time lines can be created for projects and tasks and milestones can be marked on them easily. In fact, one of the easiest parts of using MilestonePlanner is the ease of dragging and dropping tasks and milestone markers around on the time line for the project at hand.

Tasks, milestones, and even whole time lines can be assigned to individuals or groups in the collaboration. It gives a nice, one-glance look at where the project is versus it’s projected estimated time to completion. It also allows for very easy team management on that same vein.

milestonesOf course, if you need file sharing, collaboration rooms and conferencing, then MilestonePlanner isn’t for you. In fact, if you need anything besides simple collaborative project management to-do tools, you’ll probably need to look elsewhere.

Single-user freelancers or small teams will probably find MilestonePlanner to be more of a time hog than it’s worth, since freelancers and very small teams can usually get it done just as well through Twitter or email. is a free app to use and the demo can be tried without signing up at all. It’s entirely web-based, so no downloads or plugins are needed.

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