Microsoft Wants Students to Fail

“Education is for ninnies”

Buy a new Windows 7 PC valued at $699 or more and Microsoft will throw in an 4GB Xbox 360 S to sweeten the deal in a “student special” going on this summer.   The offer runs from May 22 to September 3 and can be redeemed at retailers like Dell, HP, Best Buy, and Microsoft Stores.  You’ll need either a student ID (offline) or a .edu email address (online) to qualify.

This isn’t just for American kids either.  The deal will be available in Canada and France soon as well.

So.. kids who buy a PC that (might) be useful for studying, writing reports, etc. will also get an Xbox which is good for… games, streaming Netflix and getting on Facebook.

Either college has changed a lot since I went and kids have a lot more free time from studying or Microsoft hates education and wants kids to fail.  As an Apple user, I’m voting on the latter as the reasoning here.

On the other hand, this may teach entrepreneurial skills as those kids who are interns at the school’s IT department will likely figure out ways to “sell” .edu addresses to people so they can get their free Xbox too.  So who knows?  Maybe the next Bill Gates is sitting in the back room of some college campus IT facility flexing his fingers and getting ready to unleash the next “mask your email with a .edu top level” app.

(Note: this is all tongue-in-cheek. 🙂

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  1. This is really disgusting why should the students be failed if they have good talent and skills .


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