Microsoft Tablets may find a home in enterprise

In their annual survey titled Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends, Forrester Research found that a large percentage of workers in the enterprise sector want to adopt Microsoft-OS (meaning Windows-based) tablets for use at work versus other options, though the iPad (Apple) wasn’t far behind and Apple’s iPhone was the smart phone of choice among these same workers.

Every year, Forrester asks around 10,000 enterprise staff (employees at enterprise-level businesses) to rate various things related to mobile, from phones to tablets to how they feel about using them while at work or in leisure.  Their results are usually interesting and this year’s poll was no different.

The survey results (see them here) give an unusually bright future to Microsoft, showing that about 32 percent of the roughly 200 million workers the survey represents globally would want a Windows-based tablet.  Meanwhile, 26 percent of those workers would prefer an Apple product (namely the iPad).  About 12 percent would opt for an Android unit.

Current adoption shows that the iPad holds about 12 percent of those workers, Android about 5 percent and Windows 2 percent.  The “other” category gets 8 percent.

In smart phones, things are what most would probably expect them to be.  The majority (33%) want an iPhone and about 16% currently use one.  Close behind at 22% and 18% (want/own) is Android with Microsoft trailing at 10% and 3% (want/own).  Blackberry holds a good percentage share at 7% on both want and have counts.

The survey also shows that the vast majority of workers don’t use a tablet or a smart phone for work, with over 79 percent not currently using a tablet and 52 percent not using a smart phone.  Of that only 17% said they don’t want a tablet at all.

Definitely interesting data.

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