Meetsee Virtual Water Coolers and Meeting Rooms

More and more startups offering solutions for virtual offices and companies that are spread over large geographic areas are popping up. is another of these, offering virtual office space. Literally.

Users log into a quasi-three-dimensional world that is a virtual office, with cubicles, meeting rooms, and a water cooler. The company representative who builds the site setup can organize the office and invite others to log in. Once there, avatars of the various co-workers interact with one another by sharing data, chatting, and even hosting virtual meetings in the virtual conference room.

Streaming video, YouTube embeds, and other tools are available to interact and share information. Think of it as WebEx as an MMO (without swords or guns, of course).

Mustsee hopes to address the “human side” of the virtual office and collaboration tools. It’s available for free with upgrades and additional functionality coming at a cost. The site is currently in public beta and is the product of Halcyon Worlds, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s cute and fun to play with, for sure, but it seems that its usefulness in the real world is fairly limited. It does integrate with some other sharing tools already well-established on the market, so it may see some growth in that regard. Most, however, will likely view this as a toy or distraction while they lead their virtual avatars around the office and play water cooler games.

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  1. At first glance I was quite sceptical of the MMO style virtual office but the more I think about it and after watching the tour I actually really love the idea! I'd still need to see whether of not it helps with productivity though.

  2. Great post, thanks for the link as well.

  3. Ideal for me with the present climate. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ideal for me with the present climate. Thanks for sharing.

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