MeetingMix – Kill Time-Wasting Meetings

Meetings are often boring, too long, inefficient, and a waste of time and money.  Often, presentations are not well assembled or the meeting rambles because it has a general lack of focus. plans to change that by offering an online agenda-creation and sharing app.

Launching on January 18, the site focuses on creating and distributing agendas and focusing them on short, fact-filled meetings with no frills.  The agendas made on MeetingMix are based on templates that jump from point-to-point quickly.  They focus on time awareness, preparation, etc.

Sounds pretty simple because, well, it is.  There isn’t much else there.  Most people who use MeetingMix will likely just create an agenda or template for one, and make it themselves to send as a memo or email rather than using the app.  Honestly, there isn’t much use for the site outside of creating the agendas, though traveling presenters might find the online agenda sharing and storage a plus.

During your presentation, however, you can use MeetingMix as a timer as you go through your points, tracking how much time you spend on each topic.  That might be nice, but if you’re using your system to show projected Power Point or other slides, it might not be practical.

The site charges $4.95 per month to make as many meetings as you’d like and to have an unlimited number of attendees (contacts) to send agendas to.

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