Meebee – Digital Meeting Organizer for Social Networking is a sort of online digital assistant for organizing your meetings with your friends on social networks.  It is, at the core, a social calendar that integrates with several popular networks to send alerts and updates while creating a network for you on Meebee that organizes that calendar and meetings.

Here’s an example of how it works: you sign up on Meebee and set up an account and profile.  Then you invite your friends from Twitter and Facebook, say, to join you on Meebee.  Once they do so, all of your calendars can be synched so that if you want to get together for a group IM chat on Thursday afternoon at 3:00pm your time, it will check all of your friends’ calendars to make sure this date is open and then send alerts to them that you’ve set up a meeting.  They can RSVP, propose a different time, etc., as they need to.

Sound useful?  Right, only if you have a busy group and you get together a lot.  For most of us, Meebee will just be yet another networking app with little use.  In fact, the only difference I could see between this and, say, Meetup was the fact that Meebee can send tweets and so forth to alert your group members about the meeting.  Meetup mostly just emails people.  I don’t see that as a compelling reason to switch, however.

Meebee is a little more interactive, of course, and allows for flexibility so that network members can propose their own dates and times if they wish.

Given that, it could become an option for many who need a more social way of connecting for friendly and fun get togethers–especially virtual ones.  The ones that require less organization to put together will work best on Meebee.  For physical group gatherings, though, I can see more than a few drawbacks to using Meebee.

It’s free to try and use, so it’s worth giving it a shot to see if it will work for you.

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