Meaningful Handshakes for Free With Businesscardstar

businesscardstar.pngI’m a sucker. As a creative freelance professional, I used two different business card design websites to help me design my cards. They used templates, a clipart gallery and allowed for moderate customization – and charged about $100 each.


Enter businesscardstar, a sweet site for freelancers and entrepreneurs with no cash to spare. Boasting more than 100 layouts, along with customizable colors and text, businesscardstar lets you save and print card on your own or order them from the website.

The site makes it easy; you just point, click and design your cards through a pretty intuitive interface. If you’re going to print solo, just pick up pre-cut biz card paper and rev up the printer – eight or 10 cards per page. Or order from businesscardstar for as cheap as 6 cents per card, double or single sided (plus shipping).

Starting a business – or even being a fictious masseuse out on the town in need of credibility – can be a timely and costly venture. But businesscardstar gives you signature cards for more bang for your buck. Keep your savings for a water cooler, or a “Hang in there” kitten poster – especially in this economy.

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