McAfee Launches iPhone Anti-Theft App

What would you potentially lose, in terms of data and personal information, if your iPhone were stolen?  What if it were hacked?

Most of us would probably lose a lot.  Because of the growing popularity and generally insecure environment (compared to personal computers), the iPhone platform is becoming a new target for hackers and spyware builders.  Now, anti-virus and security software maker McAfee is stepping in.

The company has released WaveSecure, an app for the iPhone that offers a security suite that protects data in case of hack attempts or theft.  The software allows users to backup critical data (contacts, photos, etc.) to McAfee’s servers and track their phone via McAfee’s website should the phone be stolen.  If data is lost or the phone is marked as stolen, then the software will automatically empty the phone.  If the phone is recovered, it can all be restored or it can be put onto a new phone.

“We’ve been in mobile security for about 10 years, but we’re in a period of rapid changes now,” said Lianne Caetano, director of product marketing for McAfee consumer mobile solutions, in an interview. “Now we have a very heterogenous environment, and we have to make sure we work seamlessly.”

The app is available in the App Store for $19.99 on a year-long license.  It’s available in some other mobile platforms as well.  The app comes thanks to McAfee’s acquisition of tenCube last year.

The app itself is simple to use, with a straight-forward menu (shown above) that allows users to manually back up and restore data, wipe the slate clean, etc.

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