Maverick Mobile Brings Wild West Justice To The Wireless World

If your wireless phone ever gets swiped while you’re back-packing from Milan to Minsk (or even Scranton to Wilkes-Barre), don’t you wish you could do more than file a police report and hope for the best? Well, with a little help from Maverick Mobile Secure, you can become a wireless vigilante.

Maverick, an India-based mobile application developer, has a unique gadget that’s much more titillating than playing Minesweeper on your phone’s 2-inch screen. The only bad news is that your phone needs to get stolen before you get to have some fun.

Maverick Mobile Secure’s clandestine bells and whistles kick in once you realize your phone has been ripped off, when the following features are then at your disposal:

· Tracking: Connect a secondary device to your phone that will report the location and activity on the missing cell. The stolen phone will also send a text to the secondary device – and you can even request specific phone numbers and other data.

· Protection: If your SIM card is removed and replaced with another, your info (phone numbers, texts, photos, etc.) is put on total encryption lock down.

· Vengeful functionality: Secretly listen in on the thief’s calls, taunt the crook with harassing texts, take command of the phone functions, or even send an alarm tone to your old phone to bust the goon. If you get bored of this, just disable your lost phone’s features or arrange an exchange for its safe return.

Maverick Mobile Secure is still a beta product and was recently introduced at the DemoFall technology conference in San Diego. Expect a rollout of the application on Nokia devices soon.

While some message board posters call the functionality another example of Big Brother invading your privacy, others like the payback factor. Regardless of your stance, one thing is certain: Like the famous robber who attempted a midnight getaway wearing those L.A. Gear light-up sneakers, cell phone thieves are now more likely to be featured on a FOX “Stupid Criminals” special than a Most Wanted poster.

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