Masque for iPad Makes Photo Editing Powerful

Some of the first apps to appear on the iPhone when it first debuted with a camera were photo editing applications.  With the new iPad, things are no different.  One of the best of those offered for the iPad’s unique interface is Masque.

Masque allows you to create striking effects, add quick-and-easy changes and edits to the photo, and even allows easy, one-touch in-app sharing.  It’s powerful, convenient, and easy to use.

Features include some advanced photo/graphic editing options like layering (up to four), brush and eraser effects, and a very well-built multi-touch gradient tool for changing color hues and overall photo quality controls.  Most of the app’s tools use finger gestures and touches to make their changes easy and quick.

Want to change a gradient quickly?  Put one finger on and drag to change it in one direction, use a pinching motion to expand or contract it, use three fingers to change the intensity, and four fingers to control the full intensity and area.  Using a simple “flipping” gesture, you can flip the effect you’ve just added or the whole photo quickly.

Add to that the strong import features from popular sites like Facebook, Flickr, and your iPad photo library and you are definitely on the right track.  The app can easily export to any of those or to other iPad users of Masque!  This makes sharing, collaborating, etc. with your photos and graphics fun and easy.

Masque was developed by Ubermind, a Seattle-based development firm that has made such apps as Twilight Tracker, Perfectly Clear and others.

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