Make’n Movies Is An HOV Lane To Hollywood

How many times have you watched a big-screen bomb like “Howard the Duck” or “Kangaroo Jack,” only to mutter, “I could make a better movie than that ^%%$#*”

Now a big-time producer can put his money where your mouth is. Or so goes the supposed script of the egalitarian screenwriting start-up,

Make’n Movies is a social network and possible career catapult for the wannabe Ben Afflecks and Matt Damons out there. All you need to do is pitch your movie in 300 – 500 words, wait for others to weigh in and vote, and hope there’s someone with a 90210 ZIP code (and deep pockets) watching from home.

If you’re a fledgling critic or even an good-hearted collaborater, you can also participate. Script summaries are sorted by genre and can be further sliced and diced by rating and other criteria. Give a writing hack false hope or shoot down the script snippet that bears an uncanny resemblance to your own work-in-progress.

Don’t worry, your script pitches are protected under a Creative Commons license. And Make’n Movies will act as an agent in the case that a producer actually thinks your script seed is the next “Good Will Hunting” This, of course, is a fancy way of saying the website gets 25 percent of your take.

How ‘bout them apples?

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