Loved By – A Way To Share Things You Love And Be Paid For It

Many people who use Facebook and Twitter are seeking ways to earn money from sharing information on these sites.  Now there is a new website that can help you to do just that.

Known as Loved By, the website makes it easy to share links to products that you are currently using or are fond of.  If you have a Twitter account, it is very easy to use the Loved By revenue model by connecting it to TweetDeck.  There is also an app for facebook, effectively allowing you to use the service on both accounts, should be registered with both social media services.

But even if you are not registerd with either social media giant, you can still cash in by using Loved By. Their website enables you to use a Javascript snippet that can be added to your blog or whatever websites you may run.  This means you have more than one way of earning money from Loved By.

There is more too.  Let’s say you promote a book about internet marketing and someone follows your link but doesn’t buy that product.  If they happen to buy something completely unrelated during their time on that site, you can earn money from that sale as well.

The Loved By site is very new at the moment but there is every reason to suppose it will become very popular in a short amount of time as more and more people find it.

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