LoJack Your Friends With Google Latitude

picture-7Whether you’re drunk and lost at a street festival or you have a sneaking suspicion your daughter’s sleep-over party is a ruse to stage a midnight liaison, you’re in luck.

Google Latitude is a new beta tool that extends the sweet Maps app, allowing friends, family and crazy ex-lovers to see where each other is hanging out. Just synch up your mobile device, invite friends to follow you, and you’ll no longer have to leave a trail of breadcrumbs through the city.

Warning: If you’re a 22-year-old programmer working for mapping/travel start-ups BrightKite or Dopplr, you might as well submit your barista application to Starbuck’s. Because Google will win. It’s over.

Latitude is currently compatible with BlackBerry phones and other smart phones, and will soon be available for iPhone models. You can hook up via Latitude in 27 countries. And if you’re home, see where people are having more fun than you via iGoogle.

So don’t bother leaving a Post-it note telling your BFF you’ll be heading to happy hour at the townie bar. She’ll see your map icon propped above the Crow’s Nest Saloon on her phone. And you’ll have good times together.

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  1. This is kind of… scary!

  2. This is kind of… scary!


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