LocalDirect Makes SMS Marketing Campaigns Easier to Manage

It is becoming more common nowadays to think about marketing in lots of different ways. For example local marketing can work better than general marketing over a wider area.  This is where LocalDirect comes in.  LocalDirect.me is a website that helps businesses create and manage a list of mobile phone subscribers they can market their wares to.  It is early days yet but the website could be an essential tool in the armoury of local businesses wanting to reach out to their customers in a new way.

The idea is that you will create a mailing list of mobile numbers.  You can then contact your subscribers whenever you have a special offer or event to tell them about.  This message is sent as an SMS message.

Many businesses are not yet making the most of SMS marketing.  But Local Direct shows how promising it could be for the future.  Local businesses that take advantage of it now could also find they can get ahead of the opposition by standing out in a new way.

LocalDirect also has a range of mobile marketing services you may try.  You can sign up to receive a free trial before deciding whether to pay for the service or not.  The return on investment looks promising and the website has lots of useful advice that will help you figure out how to make the most of their services.  For many new and local businesses it could prove to be a big step forward.

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