Listigator: Even More To-Do Lists

picture-153I don’t know about you, but all these “task management” and “to-do list managers” are getting kind of old. There’s apparently a limitless market for these things because they keep popping up. I must see two or three a week now. Sites with press releases or PR announcements about their “intuitive” and “groundbreaking” new approach to to-do management.

Listigator is another one of those. At first, I expected just another to-do list manager with maybe a new bell or graphic whistle to “set it apart” without really adding anything to the genre. I was mostly right, but there are some things about Listigator that make it worth at least considering.

First, the lists are organized not by randomness or by when the line items were entered, but instead by category. So if you’re working on, say, “website review assignments” and have three things to do in that category, they’ll all appear together. This makes for natural, focused to-do accomplishment.

It’s collaborative, like all the others, but is capable of being both a personal to-do lister as well as a group collaboration to-do tool. With flexible descriptions, little extras like open comments fields for each item and an “attention indicator” (light bulb) to highly tasks that might be more important than others, this is a useful tool. listigator

Sharing can be done openly (where all who have access can edit), read-only, and via off-site tools like email and RSS. This is another useful aspect of Listigator.

Overall, this is a good organization tool and is definitely better than most to-do list managers that are Web-based. For once, this is a to-do list management tool that actually does something useful instead of just being a glorified online sticky note.

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