Listhings: Virtual Post Its and Notes

While many apps have come along offering virtual sticky notes, most up to now are downloaded desktop apps. A few Web-based ones have come along, but they’re almost always clunky and virtually (ha!) useless. is extremely simple. In fact, if you go there now, you’ll be presented with a blank page with a yellow sticky in the center prompting you to enter something. It remembers you via cookies, so you don’t have to create a login or anything.


Notes are created by clicking the “Add” button at the top right and the note style, color, etc. can be changed easily. They’re “grabbable,” so you can move them around the screen and they size themselves dynamically to what you’ve entered.

In fact, the site can be summed up like this: browse to it, make stickies, move them around.

That’s pretty much the whole website. You won’t find a more focused, simple, and easily-understood site than this.

Listhings has use for some people, surely, and could be poised to become popularly useful.

The question I have is where their income stream will be (I envision “popup” notes appearing as adverts) and why the reminder apps already available on my phone, notebook, or pen and paper need to be replaced in this way. Which brings up the inability to print individual notes from the site—a limiting factor in my mind.

I can see how this site could be greatly useful for some and I find it extremely refreshing that someone decided to not go to the trouble of making something overcomplicated when it definitely doesn’t need to be.

This is a great example of a good app with excellent execution and no wasted “extras.”

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