LinkedIn Expands into Asia Pacific

Many online marketers and business owners use LinkedIn to connect with other people and businesses.  This professional angle is what differentiates it from other social networking sites online.

There has been some good news for LinkedIn recently as it has managed to increase the number of visitors it has been getting from Asia Pacific.  This has been partly behind the decision to open an office in Singapore.  The company is hoping to increase the number of users in the region who frequent the site.  At present the figure for the whole of Asia Pacific stands at 18 million members.  With around 100 million members of LinkedIn as a whole, this can be seen as a significant percentage of the total.

It is believed that the presence of an office in Singapore will help the company focus on the future potential it holds for this part of the world.  It has big plans for expansion and these are focused largely on Asia Pacific as well as on other parts of the world.  The increase in visitors in the period from March 2010 up until March of this year has been calculated at 132 per cent.

It will be fascinating to see how the new office will play a role in LinkedIn’s expansion plans for the future.  It would certainly seem as though plenty of professionals are finding the social networking site plays a key role in the development of their own business connections.  This looks set to continue into the future as well.

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