Lifecards – Email Postcards Hit the iPhone

I’m sure most of you have been longing to be able to send postcards from your iPhone, since we all know that email postcards are both personal, relevant, and always nice to receive.  Well, have no fear, now there’s an app for that too.

Lifecards is an app from Vivid Apps that lets you take a photo with your iPhone and turn it into a postcard to send to friends, family, and whomever else is on your list.  The good news is that the app works well and has some nice features for building a custom postcard (backgrounds and all) for sending.  The bad news?  It’s very clunky to use.

The app lets you use any of up to four pictures in your library and has 20 background images to put them on for a great postcard look.  Custom text can be added just about anywhere on the card.  Once you’ve added the text, you can customize the font and color for it to have it fit your postcard.  At least, that’s the theory.  Good luck getting the custom fonts to work right, they keep reverting to the text editing screen rather than changing the font.  Although the speech balloons seem to be working great, for what that’s worth.

Once the card is complete, it’s saved as a picture in your library.  This is the next part that makes no sense.  Somehow, the picture is downgraded and looks very pixelated.  So even after spending a lot of time taking the perfect picture of your hotspot for the postcard, Lifecards will make it look like an amateur GIF from a 1mp disposable.

In the end, the app is decent but for those with short attention spans it might not beworth troubling with.  There are more exciting ones out there for image editing and so forth.  Most will be better off sticking with those.

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