LessProjects Bug Tracking and Project Management Rolled Into One

lessprojects-logoTo be honest, this is one of the more innovative project management tools I’ve looked at. Normally, PM tools range from glorified to-do lists to full-on enterprise-level PM tools with every widget under the sun built in. LessProjects, though, focuses on two things: managing your project through bug tracking.

It’s aimed almost directly at Agile development teams. The app is Web-based and pretty flexible, so it can be adapted to most uses, however. It’s much better than a standard to-do list, for those who need a little more than that.

It has a “sticky notes view” that allows you to make virtual versions of the Post-Its you’ve probably covered your desk or wall with. This is just one aspect of the tool, though. The layout and organization of your task screens are extremely well done and very simple, giving you at-a-glance information without a lot of digging.

In fact, the app uses itself on its main screen to show the app’s own development. Planned updates and their current status are listed. This is a great way to quickly get an idea of what LessProjects can do, as the layout and color coding there are the app’s defaults.

Currently, LessProjects is free to use and is a development of Less Everything. This team of Ruby on Rails devs has built several Less projects including the hilarious “We All Hate Quickbooks” Twitter timeline. http://weallhatequickbooks.com/

The “chubby founders of Less Everything” are Allan Branch and Steve Bristol, whose slogan is “Because nobody reads the documentation.”

LessProjects is definitely worth a try and the other apps listed on their “About Us” page are worth a look as well.

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