Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy for iPad

No one will question whether Leonardo da Vinci was a genius.  He was not just any genius, but a master of several schools of science, including anatomy.  As one of the pioneers of human anatomical research, he sketched and detailed the human body’s functions carefully in his notebooks.

Those books, once thought lost, were discovered, researched, and are now on display in an exhibition at Buckingham Palace.  After 400 years of hiding, they are now publicly available.

Seeing them on the iPad in an interactive app from TouchPress is awesome.  With expert explanations of the sources and information referenced from da Vinci’s journals to moving, high-resolution copies of the originals on your screen, you’ll see not only da Vinci’s amazing art and science melded together, but also see his journey from a student of the external body’s form to understanding its internal workings.

The story in this iPad app is told by Martin Clayton, the Curator at Windsor Castle.  This is some of the coolest stuff you’ll see on your iPad.  Ever.  So it’s definitely worth the purchase!  TouchPress has taken da Vinci’s drawings and done amazing things with them for this app.  One of my favorites is where they take drawings Leonardo made of a single body part (like the hand) and repeatedly re-drew it as if each layer were being peeled back to show the next.  In the app, these are shown individually and then combined to create a sort of layered animation.

Very cool.  Check this app out at TouchPress.

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