Larky reminds you of perks and discounts automatically

Not only may this be the coolest new app for the iPhone, but it may be the one that saves you the most money too. Plus it’s free!

Larky is an app that shows you, automatically, discounts and perks you’re entitled to because of membership programs or other things you’re enrolled in. All you do is install the app, tell it what types of membership programs you’re in, and whenever you visit places, it pings you with discounts or perks you can get.

It includes thousands of membership programs built-in, including AAA, AARP, USAA, AmEx, VISA, and others. You can also use the app to check things online before you buy to see if you have a perk coming your way.

The Larky app was created by a team that has plans to create an Android app as well as a browser plug-in/add-on to make it work wherever we’re shopping and with whatever tools we have on hand. The app’s makers also team with businesses and non-profits who wish to use the app to promote themselves through branded awareness through it.

The idea is a very cool one and one that, really, should be an obvious use of the smart phone. After all, it’s always with us and can make itself useful in so many ways. Why not by helping us save money and take advantage of the programs we’ve signed up for?

The app is free to download and install. It cna be found at both and the iTunes App Store.

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