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picture-26Music critics beware, you may find yourself out of a job now that anyone with a keyboard can become one. Online, anyway. is a startup that hopes to become the hub for user-based music reviews. They describe it as “twitter for music.” That’s pretty close to the reality and this niche definitely has a big hole in it that hasn’t been filled yet. For that one reason, I expect this startup to go somewhere (assuming the marketing is there).

Here’s how it works: users create accounts and then search for bands, albums, songs, etc. Once you find one, you can post a comment on it that ads to your kweech broadcast feed. Unlike twitter, comments are not limited to 140 characters, though the feed usually shows only the first few lines with a “more” link. Feeds are subscriber-based, also like twitter.

Up to now, most music reviews were either on professional sites like Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews or places like As far as I can tell, Kweech is the first user-based review-only site and the twitter-style feed only makes it better. It’s owned and developed by Sebastin Media in India, which is the hub for a group of developers located all over the globe. Sebastin Media is the creator of sites like Videeoz.

As Kweech catches on, I hope to see some other extras like a Firefox Add-on (like I have for Tweeter). Right now, though, Kweech is in open alpha and free to anyone who wants to try it. Sebastin Media says they plan to keep it free after launch as well. Their revenue stream is currently affiliate-based through links from the artists and albums searched for on the site—mostly through Amazon.

If you’re into music and you want to see what others are saying too, kweech is a good place to go. It’s easy to use and kind of fun, so it’s definitely worth a try.

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