Kronog – Aggregating by Relevance and Popularity Using Comments

kronog.pngSite, news, and blog aggregators are nothing new. For every subject, every sorting type, or every style, there’s an aggregator somewhere. is another of those, but this one has an interesting popularity calculation engine. It measures comments and the interval between them to calculate the site and story’s popularity. While this obviously gives more weight to highly trafficked sites, it also gives a very good measure of social popularity, which ties in with today’s socially-networked Web.

Stories are grouped into one of categories and you can dig as deep as you’d like or just stay on the surface page for the most popular headlines. You can also search by keyword and phrase, of course, to find the content you’re looking for if it’s not definitely in one of the categories presented.

This can be a huge time saver and most aggregator sites are, of course, geared towards that goal. Kronog just happens to be one of the first ones I’ve seen that’s doing this by social popularity rather than just by popularity. All without much user input into Kronog itself, which sets it apart from Digg, Reddit and the others.

With controversies over how sites like Digg or YouTube “rank” the popularity (and whether or not they filter), it’s nice to see a site like Kronog where it’s all up to the sites themselves to get ranking. If your site is popular and gets a lot of comments, you’ll rank high in Kronog.

The ranking and presentation is in real-time, and each article has a headline, a 140-character blurb (usually the first line of the article) and a Twitter and Facebook link to broadcast it to your network. Thumbnail pictures are also often included.

Of course, the top sites are generally the usual suspects in their category, but Kronog still makes it easier to find something good. Just because the New York Times published it, for instance, doesn’t mean it’ll rank high at Kronog unless a lot of people comment.

Kronog is free to use, of course, and definitely worth a look for those hoping to save some time in their daily news routine.

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