Korg on the iPad – iElectribe and iMS20

Korg is the leader in electronic music devices and is usually the first name musicians think of when they think about keyboards, mixers, and other tools of the trade.  So it’s no surprise that their iPad apps for music creation and mixing are also second to none.

iElectribe is an iPad app for beat making that has every feature you could ever want.  It does everything from building back beats to making complex sound sequences out of various rhythms and inputs.  It is basically a full Electribe+R on the iPad.

What’s better is that the new 1.5 version adds wireless connectivity so that you can synch two iPads using Korg products (this or iMS20) to create musical flow with two devices either on your own or with a friend.  With both of these apps, you basically have a full DJ booth or recording studio at your disposal.

iMS20 is the iPad app Korg offers as synthesis studio.  It has MIDI (via USB) support and a built-in 16 step analog sequencer for full sound control.  Using its music production studio options, you can literally build full songs via the drum machine, mixer, and on-screen keyboard.

This is a great tool that is a lot of fun to play with and with AudioCopy/Paste, you can easily move tracks (or full songs) between iMS20 and iElectribe to create great music using both tools.

These are very awesome and are some of the best, most complex, and useable tools I’ve seen on the iPad so far.

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