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At the very least, this site has a great tagline. For those who don’t know, a “koofer” is a piece of historical data that can be used to help someone in class, exams, or during study. These are usually in the form of class notes from past semesters/years, old exam questions and answers, professional study guides, and so forth. Students traditionally pass these around to one another and many tutors will use them to create informal test preps and pop quizzes.

Koofers.com hopes to act as a clearing house for those koofers, along with professor ratings and grade breakdowns for schools, classes, and specific professors. A forum also allows students to ask questions of other students.

Koofers is based in Reston, Virginia and is affiliated with Facebook (your Facebook login is your Koofers.com login). Koofers has received a lot of attention lately due to a shot of funding from LaunchBox Digital, an early stage investmnt firm with a great track record.  More funding, to the tune of $2 million, from New Atlantic Ventures (Reston, VA) and Altos Ventures (Palo Alto, CA).

Funding from LaunchBox Digital is usually a good sign for startups, as LaunchBox is very picky about their recipients—only 9 participants were in this year’s round. Other education companies in the fbFund funding round included Teach the People, another Facebook plugin/affiliate.

With this initial funding, Koofers will likely begin creating site awareness through Facebook advertising and possibly on-campus advertising, according to a press release from the site. Instructors are also encouraged to participate, as many of them offer their students koofers in class and the site could be used as an easy storage and distribution point for them.

With online education being one of the fastest-growing trends in online business, expect to see more from Koofers.com in the future. They’re definitely on track to become something popular and useful, a rare mix on today’s ‘Net.

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