Kindle Fire Accessories – Maximizing Your E-Reader

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is one of the most sought-after and beloved electronic readers for e-books and magazines out there.  It has a lot going for it and great sells figures to go with that.  Once you own one, though, you soon realize that a few accessories might make it an even better tool in your daily use arsenal.

Here are some favorites myself and friends have found to be great additions to our Kindles.  We provide no links or sales information for them and are editorially not financially tied to them in any way.  You can find most of these accessories at popular stores both online and off.

The Case – to start with, you need to protect your Kindle Fire.  There are some generic cases you can find for just a few bucks and many will work just fine.  However, a case should do more than just shroud your Kindle in protection.  It should also add to its usability and function.  Our favorite is the Incipio Kaddy Folio which is classy in looks and adds some great functions.

Cords and Wires – there are a lot of options when it comes to after-market cords, wires, plugs, etc.  Since the Kindle is a USB-ready device, many generic, off-the-shelf USB charging options can be used with it.  I personally have a retractable cord and cigarette plug-in ready in my car at all times for both my Kindle and some other common gadgets I often have with me.  No doubt you’re the same.  This simplifies things since having them in the car and ready means not having to “remember” them after you’ve already gotten onto the expressway.

Extra Stylus – some people don’t use a stylus with their Kindle Fire, but I like mine, so I do.  I often keep an extra in my pocket or briefcase just in case the one usually with my Kindle randomly disappears.  The stylus can also be used on the iPad, iPhone, and other gadgets, making it cross-platform useful.

There are plenty of other gadgets to be had, but these are basically the essentials.  What do you use with your Kindle Fire?

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