Keypoint – Make Presentations on Your iPhone or iPod Touch

I guess today’s version of Abraham Lincoln scribbling the Gettysburg Address on a napkin aboard a train would be creating your next animated slide presentation before the Board on your mobile phone.  That’s what Keypoint is for.

Keypoint is an iPhone or iPod Touch app that lets you create presentations on the go.  There are 8 themes included to build from and you can insert virtually anything you have available on your phone, from slides to graphics to animations or more.  You can also publish your presentation to the Web, making it easy to grab it when you’re at the meeting without needing a lot of wires to connect your mobile to someone’s system.

The idea is kind of cool, though I would wager it’s a little limited in need.  Still, if your laptop gets left in the taxi or confiscated by the TSA at the airport because it looks suspect (probably shouldn’t have gone with the Alienware with the glowing eyes), you can always fall back on your iPhone to save the day.

The app itself is pretty straight-forward for all of that.  You begin by choosing a basic theme from the 8 that are built in.  These themes are the basic color schemes and general look-and-feel for the presentation itself – the themes decide how the slides move, what the default background color is, and so forth.

Once you’ve chosen the backdrop, the rest is just inserting slides.  These can be graphics, short animations, or you can make them on the fly on your phone.  You can pic graphics from the Web and ad text, make basic backgrounds with text, and the usual PowerPoint fare.

Once you’re done building, you can play your presentation to see how it looks, change the timing, moving things around, or whatever.  When you’re satisfied, you can publish to the Web, save it to the phone, or even send it to other phones so your colleagues and friends can view it.  The final published version for the Web can also be embedded into websites and the like.

Finally, if you use Keynote, you can export your presentation as a Keynote file for direct use with that app.

Keypoint is a pretty cool idea for the iPhone/iPod Toych, but I think it’s applications are relatively limited.  It’s available in the iTunes store right now.  The app was built by Bert Timmermans.

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