KartMe – Universal Shopping Cart / Link Saver w/ an App

If you’re looking for a shopping cart that works like Delicious so that you can not only save your items across sites, but also share the list with your friends, then you’re in luck.  Some carts like the Amazon Wish List and others can do this, but they’re missing two things: visualization and an iPhone app.

KartMe is a link-saver optimized for shopping, so you can hunt for gifts, goods, or whatever and save them for later purchase or comparison.  When you return to KartMe to bring up your shopping list, you’ll see a visual layout of your links rather than just a straight, Delicious-like links list.

For shopping, this works great as it makes it easier to see what you’re shopping for and allows for relatively easy list-building for comparison shopping as well.

The app ties into your Web-based KartMe account and lets you bring up lists, work with them, and so forth.  You can also organize lists by categories so that your hotel comparisons for next month’s vacation aren’t mixed in with your baby clothes shopping for your friend’s new addition.

You can also share your lists with friends, which is great for both hinting at stuff you want on your birthday and for collaborating on gift-giving.  The built-in search on KartMe pulls results from both Amazon and Yelp to give you better feedback views.

Overall, the app is useful – especially for the online shop-a-holic.  The app is a nice addition and worth trying as well.

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