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JotpressSometimes it seems as if blogging has become a little passé.  But some websites are clearly trying to make it even easier for regular people to share their thoughts and input with other people.

Jotpress certainly falls into this category.  This is a new website which offers a completely free service to those who do not want the traditional kind of blog.  You don’t even have to set up a free page of your own – simply email the jotpress email address and see your thoughts appear on the website.

By emailing your contributions to the Jotpress email address, they do the rest and publish them on your behalf online. You still have a profile, as the site requires you to register an account with them beforehand, but this simple process of emailing your thoughts allows you to publish anything at any time. Of course, you can follow other people’s thoughts as well.  If you do this you can be notified when someone posts a new ‘jot’, as all entries are called.

You can post short or long text entries and also photos or links to videos.  It seems to be extremely new as there is not much material on the site at the moment.  However with that said you should get plenty out of it if you join now, because you can start building a fan base as the site grows.

The best (or worst) thing about the site, depending on your viewpoint, is the sheer diversity of items people post.  You will find everything here, from the bizarre to the useful to the downright strange.  It could well be a hit, but only time will tell.

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  1. An interesting thing about this approach is the fact that in spite of the tremendous popularity of Facebook, Twitter etc., only about 30% of the 1.8 billion people on the web use it as a read-write medium. The other 70% use it as a read-only medium. However, I think everyone on the web has an email account and knows how to use it. Products like this can potentially open up the two-way web for the remaining majority.


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