Jigsaw Mansion 2 – Jigsaws On Your iPhone

Made by SGN, this followup to their popular Jigsaw Mansion is a worthy contender.  It’s fun, challenging, but simple enough to play for a few minutes or a few hours.  Depending on your time.

The game takes place in a mansion you’ve just inherited.  For some reason, it’s full of jigsaws and you need to solve them.  Each “room” is a gallery of new puzzles, each waiting to be put together and framed.  Each completed puzzle means more points towards getting more puzzles.  Sort of a perpetual motion machine of jigsaws.

The artwork is great, the puzzles are both easy and challenging, depending on the gallery, and beating your own time on puzzles you’ve already done is also fun.

Overall, this is a great game.  Unless you’re a real jigsaw master, having played a lot of these games (including the first one), this game is a great challenge.  If you’ve played a lot of jigsaw apps before, though, don’t expect this one to be too tough.

Still, a good time filler and challenge for anyone in the family capable of using an iPhone.  Give it a try.

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